How to Apply Vinylguard

Fast and Easy Application

  1. Cut a length of VinylGuard 4″ longer than the post, to allow for longitudinal shrinkage.
  2. Slide the vinyl over the post.
  3. Hold the heat gun 3″ to 4″ away from the material to prevent burning.
  4. SLOWLY begin shrinking at one end. Rotate the post while rapidly moving the heat gun back and forth to avoid burning the material. Apply sufficient heat to remove any wrinkles. The vinyl will quickly shrink and tightly conform to the post.
  5. Trim the excess vinyl with a sharp blade or utility knife and apply a little heat to remove any wrinkles.
  6. After shrinking, VinylGuard will not loosen but will continue to tighten over time in sunlight.

NOTE: Open flame sources of heat are not recommended for shrinking as they may burn or damage the vinyl and may not ensure uniform shrinking.

Tips… Be Creative with Multi-Colored Posts

  • Add a stripe to a post: Choose a color for the stripe and cut the length desired. Slide the stripe over the post and shrink it in the position desired.
  • Highlight entrances and exits.
  • Color code posts to draw attention to VIP parking areas and particular parking spaces.
  • Match posts to the colors of signs, logos, backgrounds, etc.
  • Identify environmentally sensitive or dangerous areas.
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