Commercial Applications – VinylGuard

The Ultimate Protection and Beautification for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

  • Create premium, differentiated, longer-lasting, attractive products
  • Ideal for masking during plating or painting operations
  • Use to bundle, secure and wrap
  • Color-code products and tools for higher visibility and identification
  • Shrink ‘crystal clear’ VinylGuard over logos, instructions, warnings, etc., for a ‘see-through’, protective, conforming fit

An Easy-to-Apply, Thick Covering for a Wide Range of Applications

  • Quick and easy to apply using a heat gun or an oven for economical, large volume processing
  • Made in the USA from the finest premium grade, 100% virgin materials
  • Enhanced with the strongest UV resistant polymers for long-lasting, outdoor applications — will not fade, crack, peel, rust or stain
  • Far longer-lasting than painting, powder coating or dipping
  • Easy to wipe down and clean — VinylGuard’s smooth, non-stick surface withstands steam cleaning and vigorous sanitary washdowns
  • Resists chemicals, oils, grease, acids, chlorinated cleansers, salt, salt water, moisture, fungus
  • Easy to remove and replace
  • Flame retardant — made from UL 94 compliant materials
  • Environmentally friendly and safe — contains no hazardous materials

Available on Spools or Custom Pre-Cut Lengths

VinylGuard comes on standard size spools in diameter sizes ranging from 5/8-inches up to 5-inches. Please contact us to determine the optimal specifications for your application.

Download our Product Sheet to learn more about VinylGuard applications for everyday use.

PROBLEM: Scratched, nicked, dinged, and discolored furniture legs

SOLUTION: Rugged VinylGuard shrinks and conforms to tightly fit the contours of tapered and irregular shapes and protects furniture legs from everyday abuse and damage from abrasion, chlorinated cleansers and other chemicals.

BENEFITS: Provides institutional furniture with years of attractive, long-lasting protection from wear-and-tear.

A wide range of colors and finishes

Most colors are available in high gloss and translucent finishes.

Standard VinylGuard colors

Custom Color Matching and Imprinting

We can custom match colors, finishes and PMS colors as well as print on VinylGuard with durable inks. Please contact us for details.

VinylGuard Sizes and Specifications

These are the standard VinylGuard product sizes and dimensions available in stock. We also manufacture custom dimensions and shrink ratios for specific applications. Please contact us to discuss your specific application requirements.

 Expanded I.D. MinimumFully Recovered I.D. MaximumRecovered Wall Thickness NominalStandard Product on Spools
Sizein.mmin.mmin.mmFeet per Spool
1 1/4″1.25031.75.62515.88.0411.04250′
1 1/2″1.50038.10.75019.05.0431.09100′
2 1/2″2.50063.501.25031.75.0581.47100′
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