Sign Posts

VinylGuard shrink-wrap covering is the ultimate beautification, protection and renewal solution for sign posts, poles, stakes and more.

Weather and other influences can wreak havoc on metal sign posts. Made from the same rugged, UV resistant material as automobile body molding and house siding, VinylGuard provides a superior alternative solution to powder coating and painting.

  • Beautify and protect new and expensive square, U-channel and round posts.
  • Renew and upgrade weather beaten, rusty, scratched posts.
  • Color code sign posts for identification and higher visibility.

No More Powder Coating, Repainting or Replacements

VinylGuard will not rust fade, splinter, crack, nick, scratch or stain. Its extreme durability provides your sign posts with years of protection – eliminating the need for expensive replacements or painting and is backed by our 10-year limited warranty.

  • Cost-Effective – A superior and longer lasting alternative to powder coating, painting or galvanizing.
  • Heavy-Duty and Durable – 30 mils minimum thickness is up to 30X thicker than 1 – 3 mils powder coating providing years of beauty and maintenance-free protection.
  • Fade Resistant – UV resistant formula ensures a shiny, newly painted look for its entire service life.
  • Quick and Easy Application – VinylGuard can be installed by your supplier or you can do it yourself in your shop or at the job site – using a heat gun.
  • No Minimums – Unlike powder coating there are no extra shipping charges and no requirements for buying large minimum amounts. With VinylGuard you cover one post or as many as you want.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Unlike some paints and coating powders, VinylGuard contains no hazardous materials.

Available Colors and Sign Post Shape Applications

Available in square, round and U-Channel making it an option for most metal signs. Choose from a variety of high gloss colors that match Federal signs to color-code sign posts, parking meter posts, parking lot poles, boundary stakes, etc. for higher visibility and identification.

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