Ball Washer Posts

Players love ball washers, but water and metal are not such good friends. Improve the look of your ball washers and reduce time spend sanding and painting – simply VinylGuard your ball washers.


Renew and Protect Your Ball Washer Posts

Get a high gloss, freshly painted look that will last for years.

  • Rugged material with UV inhibitors
  • Attractive, extremely durable and easy-to-clean
  • Easy to remove and replace

How to Apply VinylGuard to a Ball Washer:

1. Getting Started

  • Cut a piece of vinyl 2” longer than the post to allow for longitudinal shrinkage
  • Slide the material over the post, overlapping the bottom end

2. Use a high-temperature heat gun with a heavy-duty air blower

  • Hold the heat gun a few inches away from the material
  • Keep the gun moving back and forth to prevent burning
  • Do not apply heat directly to the crease

3. Slowly begin shrinking

  • Start at one end, shrink your way along the shaft, rotating the post while applying heat
  • Apply sufficient heat to remove any wrinkles
  • The vinyl will quickly shrink, tightly conforming to the post and will not loosen over time
  • After shrinking trim, the excess vinyl at the bottom with a sharp blade or utility knife
  • If necessary, trim the top so that the ball washer fits on the post

Learn more about covering ball washers with VinylGuard:

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