Bunker Rake Coverings

Bunker RakeThere are enough hazards in golf, without the added hazard of fiberglass splinters. It’s no longer necessary to toss your bunker rakes if they splinter a bit, now you can protect players and your budget by refurbishing old bunker rakes with VinylGuard.

So don’t toss those rakes, VinylGuard them.

How to VinylGuard a Bunker Rake:

1. Cut a length of vinyl 3″ longer than the rake handle, to allow for longitudinal shrinkage.

2. If you wish to replace the grip (new grips are available from VinylGuard) do so first, before applying VinylGuard.

3. To ensure long-term, non-slip adherence, spray the bottom of the rake handle next to the rake head and lightly spray the shaft with 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive – available from VinylGuard. QUICKLY slide the vinyl over the shaft.

4. Let the excess material overlap the receptacle of the rake head and overlap the grip during shrinking. Begin shrinking at the bottom of the handle: Push the material downward, pressing the vinyl over the rake head receptacle, until it shrinks and tightly conforms. Then shrink your way up the shaft.

5. Let the VinylGuard and rake handle completely cool for at least an hour. Trim and remove the excess material covering the rake head receptacle and the grip.

Tip: Remind golfers of your club’s policy with VinlyGuard labels that tell golfers to leave the rakes inside or outside of the bunkers.

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