Markers & Stakes

Simplify hazard stakes & boundary marker inventory with VinylGuard heat-shrink covering. Change the color of any stake or marker in seconds.

Don’t replace old hazard stakes or markers – make them look better than new with VinylGuard.

Normal wear and tear happen over time on all courses. Equipment can splinter, crack, fade, scratch, and seem unsightly. VinylGuard offers a low-cost, attractive and long-lasting solution that is quick and easy to apply over 1 – 1/2′ square stakes. Save money and upgrade the course today.


How to VinylGuard Stakes, Posts and More:

1. Cut a length of VinylGuard 2″ longer than the stake or post to allow for longitudinal shrinkage at both ends.

2. Begin at the center of the shaft and direct the heat outwards towards the ends. Trim the excess.

3. Slightly warm the cap (available from VinylGuard) with the heat gun and cover the top of the stake or post.

4. Apply a bit more heat and press the cap into place.

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