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VinylGuard Roller Coverings

Quickly and easily add long-lasting, heavy-gauge protection to conveyor rollers and skatewheels to help extend the life of your equipment. VinylGuard roller coverings are abrasion, chemical, and cut-resistant and shrink to fit both straight and tapered industrial conveyor rollers on material handling equipment.

  • Standard VinylGuard roller cover sleeves are 50 mils (nearly 1/16 inch) thick
  • We can manufacture custom conveyor roller covers in thicknesses up to 100 mils (1/10 inch)
  • VinylGuard conveyor roller covers are long-lasting — a full 85 durometer hardness
  • VinylGuard covers for material handling equipment have been load tested and proven to last millions of cycles, thousands of hours
  • Tough, thick VinylGuard conveyor roller covers protect delicate surfaces from the damage caused by uncovered metal conveyor rollers
  • VinylGuard roller sleeves are custom-engineered for high performance and long service life in harsh, industrial manufacturing environments and highly corrosive areas
  • VinylGuard shrink-to-fit roller covers have excellent resistance to chemicals, oils, grease, acids, chlorinated cleansers, salt, salt water, moisture, fungus and corrosion
  • Non-marking VinylGuard covered rollers will not stain, rust, crack or peel and are easy to clean
  • VinylGuard’s Food-Grade USFDA 21 CFR conveyor roller covers for Food-Grade material handling equipment systems comply with stringent United States Food and Drug Administration’s requirements for indirect contact with food
  • VinylGuard roller sleeves are flame retardant, lead-free, RoHS compliant, environmentally friendly and safe and contain no hazardous materials

Roller Covers

USFDA White VinylGuard Cover for Tapered Rollers

USFDA Food-Grade VinylGuard Tapered Roller Covers

Shock Absorbing-Cushioning Foam and Orange VinylGuard Cover for Straight Rollers

Shock Absorbing – Cushioning Roller Coverings

USFDA White VinylGuard Cover for Tapered Rollers

USFDA Food-Grade VinylGuard Straight Roller Covers

Orange VinylGuard Cover for Tapered Rollers

VinylGuard Tapered Roller Covers

Orange VinylGuard Cover for Straight Rollers

VinylGuard Straight Roller Covers

Extra Grip- Non SlipTraction Plus Black VinylGuard for Straight Rollers-resized

Extra Grip – Non Slip TractionPlus Roller Covers

USFDA Shock Absorbing-Cushioning Foam and White VinylGuard Cover for Straight Rollers

USFDA Food-Grade Cushioning Roller Coverings

VinylGuard VT-1100 Heat Gun2

Recommended High Temperature Heat Gun

VinylGuard Technical Data

Property Value
Minimum Recommended Shrink Temperature 100°C (212°F)
Sample #3 -20°C to 105°C (-4°F to 221°F)
Tensile Strength 3,000 psi
Durometer 85 Durometer Shore A
Storage Heat sensitive — Store at 70°F or below
ISO 9000, Made in the USA and RoHS
  • VinylGuard roller covers are made in the USA from the finest premium-grade, 100% virgin materials
  • VinylGuard roller covers are flame retardant
  • VinylGuard roller covers are lead-free and RoHS compliant
  • VinylGuard conveyor roller and skatewheel covers for Food-Grade material handling equipment comply with the Food and Drug Administration’s USFDA 21CFR requirements for indirect contact with food

Standard Colors

4 standard colors for Conveyor Roller and Skatewheel Covers

Color swatches

1 Standard Color for Food-Grade USFDA (21CFR) Conveyor Roller and Skatewheel Covers:

White color swatch

(Custom colors available upon request)

Standard Sizes

Standard size VinylGuard conveyor roller and skatewheel covers shrink to fit and tightly conform to the most popular sizes of conveyor rollers and skatewheels used in industrial conveyor systems.

Straight Rollers

Outside Diameter of Conveyor Roller:

Tapered Rollers

Outside Diameter of Conveyor Roller:
TAPERED END 1.5″ up to 2″


All skatewheel covers are sized for an industry standard
5/8″ wheel face width
1-15/16″ to 2″

(Other sizes available upon request)

Please note that all non-golf VinylGuard products that were previously ordered online will now be exclusively available online through two distribution partners:

McMaster Carr | 404-346-7000

Grainger | 1-800-GRAINGER

We expect this change to result in shorter lead times and improved service levels for you.  If you are a direct customer (orders over $2,500, not online), please note that you should continue to work with Insultab customer service for all your order needs.

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