Water resistant, large diameter, colorful vinyl heat shrink-to-fit covering

The ultimate protection and beautification for indoor and outdoor applications


Quickly and easily add thick, durable, long-lasting, colorful or clear vinyl over most any type of material including plastics, woods and metals — complex, tapered or irregular shapes are no problem.


Improve tolerance with up to 50 mils thickness that guards against abrasions, scratches, splinters, nicks and dings, dirt, rust, discoloration from harsh chemicals and fading from long-term UV exposure.



Improve the appearance of products and provide years of beauty and maintenance-free protection with VinylGuard’s brilliant, high-gloss colors, metallic and translucent finishes.


Vinyl rollers and end caps

Roller Coverings

Before and after stake covering

VinylGuard Golf – Golf Course Products

Vinyl-covered posts

Post Coverings

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