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Renewing and protecting your golf course products is quick and easy with VinylGuard golf shrink-wraps. Made for bunker rakes, flagsticks, stakes, markers and ball washers – VinylGuard is the quick, easy and affordable way to refurbish in minutes.

End the Cycle of Seasonal Replacements and Maintenance with VinylGuard

VinylGuard will not fade, splinter, crack, nick, scratch, or stain. It provides years of tough protection against damage from abrasion and exposure to sunlight, lawn chemicals and the elements — eliminating the need for expensive and frequent maintenance.

  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Low Cost
  • Very Attractive and Highly Visible — Wide selection of bright colors match the popular brands of golf course products (flagsticks, rake handles and stakes).
  • Extremely Durable — Easy to clean, will not crack or fade and will last for years.
  • Quick and Easy to Apply, Remove and Replac
Golf Products
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